If these two popular products of Taigran Intelligent are used as prizes for your company's annual me

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It is the end of the year again, every time it is estimated that every company has begun to prepare for the annual meeting, the so-called annual meeting of enterprises, can be said to be the Spring Festival of enterprises, but also marks the end of a year of work for enterprises and organizations. As an important part of the construction of corporate culture, whether the annual meeting is meticulous or not will directly affect employees' views on the company in the next year. It can be said that the annual meeting is a collective reward for employees at the end of the year, but also a team building to cultivate corporate cultural identity.

The annual meeting will be accompanied by important contents such as employee commendation, corporate history review and corporate future outlook. At the same time, there will be a variety of annual party performances, and more importantly, there will be the climax of the annual party raffle that employees are looking forward to, which is the most exciting part for employees.

In the annual meeting, lucky draw is naturally an important link, every employee will be very concerned about the annual meeting lucky draw, the size of the prize will naturally stimulate employees' sense of excitement.

However, in general, most companies will smoke the latest phones from Apple or Huawei, but I think this is good, but not enough. In fact, there are a lot of good products in the annual lottery, such as the two hot products currently sold by Tairan intelligence, which can not only help the company to maximize the use of the budget, but also reflect the company's concern for employees.

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