The enterprise culture

Smer's spirit of enterprise: integrity, dedication, innovation, efficiency.

Service commitment: safe, fast and economical.

Integrity: the consistent principle of the company's management, is the foundation of the development of competition.

Dedication: The company's fine tradition of hard struggle, is the pursuit of perfect mental outlook.

Innovation: the soul of the company to keep pace with The Times, is the source of hard work.

Efficiency: the company creates value one step ahead of the pursuit of excellence goal.

The core of our corporate culture: advancing with The Times, people-oriented, humanized management.

Smer is committed to providing customers with a full range of freight services and tailored freight solutions; Our services are supported by an extensive global network, team of professionals and customer solutions; We have a professional and dedicated team to meet customers' personalized shipping needs both locally and globally.

Smer's mission is to win customer satisfaction and loyalty by providing value-added freight management and freight solutions. We will provide personalized service to each customer, make business easier, and provide global professional solutions to simplify the increasingly complex global market.

Smythe. - Where the mind can fly, we serve.

Customer view

Customer satisfaction, help customers succeed


Goal-oriented, focus on execution





Business philosophy

Company Mission:

Safe and intelligent, benefit the public

Company Vision:

Build a leading brand and resource sharing