Aiming at the tourism market consumption upgrade Aladdin strategic investment Kaiser Tourism

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瞄准旅游市场消费升级 阿拉丁战略投资凯撒旅游

Hu Qun, reporter of Economic Observer network, one day before the change of major shareholder, Cesar Tourism (000796.SZ) ushered in Aladdin strategic investment.

On September 23, Aladdin Legend Tourism Industry (Beijing) Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Aladdin Holding Group, completed its strategic investment in HNA Caesars Tourism Group Co., LTD., a listed subsidiary of Caesars Group. At the same time, Aladdin Holding Group has established a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership with Kaiser Group, and both parties have reached cooperation in tourism business, aviation business, information technology and regional tourism development. Jointly build 'Caesar Tourism Club', innovate tourism service + Internet, and create a new ecology of 'tourism service community economy'.

In the evening of September 24, Caesars Tourism issued a notice that after HNA Tourism Group Co., Ltd. reduced its holdings, the largest shareholder of the company was changed from HNA Tourism and its concerted actions to Caesars Sega Tourism Management Consulting Co., Ltd. and its concerted actions.

Hna Tourism reduced its stake in Caissa Tourism by 1.55% between September 20 and 24. After the reduction, Cesar Sega and its concerted actions hold a total of 233 million shares of the company, accounting for about 28.98% of the total capital stock; Hna Tourism and its co-operatives hold a total of 231 million shares of the Company, accounting for 28.73% of the total capital stock. The largest shareholder of the company is changed from HNA Tourism and its co-operatives to Caesars Sega and its co-operatives.

Why does Aladdin strategically invest in Cesar Travel?

According to the disclosed information, Caissa Travel will cooperate with Aladdin Technology's Dang Dang social platform to jointly establish and operate 'Caissa Travel Club', connecting target groups such as aviation, sports and alumni, and creating a new model of community economy in tourism service. 'Caissa Travel Club' will provide a wealth of tourism services, business services, social scene, content activities and other application functions, to explore the potential value of the tourism industry. Tourism services include tour routes, tourism products, hotels, scenic spot ticket booking, etc.; Business services focus on the construction of Caesar Mall; Through the Dang Dang social platform, the social communication of tourist members' destinations, industry interests, travel routes, hotels, scenic spots and other scenes can be realized. Visitors can also get work, love, show, know, forum and other functional services. Through community operation, Aladdin Group and Kaiser Group jointly explore the value innovation of the industry, and a new mode of social tourism service that enables the depth of the industry with 'innovative tourism services + Internet'.

Aladdin, said an official with the tourism in dang dang 'Caesar travel club' social platform established, enhance member user activity, not only can reduce the cost of off-line operation, still can make the tourism service quality content and activities associated with efficient interactivity and transmissibility, drive the multiplication of main business income. Based on the consumption data of a large number of tourist members, 'Caesars Travel Club' will invite other target consumer brands to enter the community business service (Caesars Mall) and introduce advertising from enterprises in other industries. To provide consumers with high-quality and rich online services for tourism products, comprehensively improve consumers' comprehensive experience of tourism services, and create a new ecology of 'tourism service community economy'.

The head said, tourism services market is huge, many domestic and international travel service, tourism services industry merger integration will become the industry trend, with the help of a 'community tourism service economy' mode, greatly enhance the synergy of m&a integration of trade and commercial value innovation, China will appear billions of market value of the tourism integrated service enterprises.

At present, China's tourism market is undergoing consumption upgrading. Statistics from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism show that in 2018, the number of domestic tourists reached 5.539 billion, up 10.8 percent from the same period last year. The number of inbound and outbound tourists reached 291 million, up 7.8% year on year. The total tourism revenue was 5.97 trillion yuan, up 10.5 percent year on year. According to preliminary estimates, the overall contribution of tourism to China's GDP for the whole year was 9.94 trillion yuan, accounting for 11.04 percent of the total GDP.

瞄准旅游市场消费升级 阿拉丁战略投资凯撒旅游

The picture is from the China Economic and Financial Outlook Report by the Bank of China Research Institute.

'The country's total tourism revenue was 5.97 trillion yuan in 2018, registering a compound growth rate of 15.4 percent since 2000.' According to THE Economic and Financial Outlook Report of the Bank of China Research Institute, compared with the developed countries such as Europe and the United States, the proportion of service consumption in China still has a large room for improvement and is still in a period of rapid improvement. The trend of consumption dematerialization will continuously raise the demand for consumption experience, and the sense of experience will determine consumers' recognition of service products and dematerialized consumption. In the era of material consumption, large-scale production and standardized operation become the fundamental factors for profit and expansion, but in the era of non-material consumption, the requirements of individuation, customization and quality are more prominent. It is expected that the proportion of service and content consumption led by education, health, entertainment and leisure travel will further expand in the future.

The China Tourism Academy estimates that 6.06 billion domestic trips will be made in 2019, with domestic tourism revenue reaching 5.6 trillion yuan, up 9.5 percent and 10 percent from the previous year, respectively. The number of inbound tourists reached 143 million, and the international tourism revenue reached US $129.6 billion, up 1% and 2% respectively over the previous year. About 166 million outbound trips were made by Chinese residents, an increase of 11 percent over the previous year. The total tourism revenue for the whole year will reach 6.52 trillion yuan, up 9.3 percent year on year.

Founded in 1993, Caesars Group's business covers five major sectors: tourism, culture, information technology, finance and investment, with subsidiaries in Asia, Europe and the United States. Based on the two major industries of tourism and culture, Caissa Group takes capital operation as the means, information technology as the support, and financial services as the innovation, to build a comprehensive tourism and cultural service and investment system with international influence.

'With the increasing demand of Chinese citizens for tourism consumption, outbound tourism has developed rapidly in recent years. In addition, tourism is a green industry with low barriers to entry and good comprehensive benefits. Therefore, a large number of enterprises have entered the tourism industry and the number is growing. At present, outbound tourism has become a hot spot of industrial investment, industry innovation and industry integration are accelerating, and the market competition is becoming increasingly fierce.' According to the data of the 2019 semi-annual report released by Caisar Tourism, in the first half of 2019, the company achieved operating revenue of 3.449 billion yuan, down 8.46% compared with the first half of the year, influenced by the slowdown of domestic economic growth, international political and economic turmoil and exchange rate fluctuations; Net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies was 62 million yuan, down 18.54% from the first half of the year.

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