The Yanqi Lake Forum focused on family civilization and released the core concept of "family civiliz

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Yanqi Lake Forum focuses on family civilization

The core concept of 'family civilization from generation to generation' has been issued

On July 5th, the 1st Yanqi Lake Forum 2019, jointly sponsored and hosted by Aladdin Holding Group, Economic Observer and Family Business magazine, was held in Yanqi Hotel in Beijing. In the family civilization sub-forum held in the morning, the guests delivered keynote speeches on the development of family business, family responsibility, family inheritance and other topics, and discussed the sustainable inheritance of family civilization together.

Bai Ruimin, president of Aladdin Family Office, delivered a keynote speech on 'China's family business Development and Family Office Practice'. She believed that the reform and opening up created the first batch of family businesses, which gradually realized the accumulation of family wealth, and the problem of intergenerational inheritance appeared for the first time. Aladdin Family Office hopes to achieve a smooth transition between the 'Chuanggen' and heirs of Chinese family enterprises, help the steady inheritance of material wealth and the long-standing spiritual wealth of family enterprises, and jointly promote the development and progress of society.

Dr Wong Kam-shing, managing director of Hong Kong Kowloon Watch Bank, one of the top 10 famous watch houses in Hong Kong, shares his views on 'family responsibility in the new civilised era'. A sense of belonging and ownership is critical and necessary for heirs of a family business to build a strong family culture, he said. With cohesion and centripetal force, young entrepreneurs can constantly lead the family business to success.

Peter Tsao, chairman of the Singapore Shipping King, Pan-Asia Group and the Asia Branch of the International Association of Family Businesses, expressed his views on 'family responsibility in the new era of civilization' through a video message. He believes that after breaking the curse of 'wealth cannot last more than three generations', the focus of family inheritance is no longer wealth, but spiritual and cultural inheritance. The inheritance of family business is not the inheritance of the company, nor the inheritance of the family, but the inheritance of the essence of family spirit and culture, including the inheritance of world outlook, values, organization and talent evolution.

Wudaokou, tsinghua university school of finance, director of the center for global family firms Gao Hao system elaborated the global family heritage and development of the enterprise, he points out, through long-term accumulation, Europe and the United States has created a highly developed material civilization and spiritual civilization, which is worth reference to absorb part of the combined with our traditional Confucian culture, truly match well of Chinese and western, In order to envision a better future for Chinese families, businesses and society as a whole.


Berimin and Chen Boxian, Dean of Aladdin School of Finance, unveiled the core concept of Aladdin Family Office -- 'Family civilization can be passed on from generation to generation', opening a new chapter of family office services in China. Yang Renqiang, founder of Yanqi Lake Forum and Chairman of Aladdin Holding Group, and other guests witnessed the unveiling.

At the forum, Aladdin Family Office and 'Family Business' magazine reached a strategic cooperation. In the future, we will jointly promote family civilization from the perspectives of family growth, family cooperation and family civilization, establish family benchmark and family social influence, and further promote the progress of social civilization.

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